Alternative Wedding Ceremonies

A Profound Moment of Celebration, Marking The Beginning of Your Love Union.



Price: €300

  • 2x Consultation (meeting / online)

  • Ceremony Design

  • Wedding Ceremony


Price €500

  • 3x Consultation (meeting / online)

  • Ceremony Design

  • Private Cacao Ceremony (on the day before)

  • Wedding Ceremony

  • Integration (meeting / online)

Your Host

A Love Ceremony is a shared experience celebrating a beautiful bond between (commonly) two people, in the presence of others who Love them dearly - family and friends.It is a profound, heart-opening moment.Serving as your Host, it will be my honour to create a Love Ceremony that is fully aligned with your vision to celebrate your relationship in a space that resonates with you - be it a traditional wedding venue, a festival, or deep into the wild.How does your Dream ceremony look like? Let's make it a lifetime memory!Michał

"Between solemn and relaxed, Michał provided us and our guests with a meaningful and memorable wedding experience, establishing bridges between generations, cultures and languages, and making everyone participate in a beautiful event celebrating our Love. We highly recommend Michał for creating very special, soul-touching memories."

- Bruno & Vera, married in 2021


  • I am open to travel to your ceremony destination, wherever it might be. The cost of travel will be added on top of the price of your chosen package.

  • I am based in the Azores. If you'd like to get married here, I can recommend a couple of paradise locations.

  • I would be delighted to introduce you to the most incredible wedding photographer.

A Love Ceremony at Nowhere Burn 2022 - we took the happy couple for a sunset cruise on our Sheepy Ship ⛵️